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the salon and spa building is painted red
New Office Complex in Fort Worth Made with 120 Shipping Containers
Salon and Spa made with shipping containers in Fort Worth, TX
an apartment building with lots of windows and balconies on the top floor is lit up at night
7 Design-Forward Shipping Container Hotels
Hotel WineBox (Valparaiso, Chile) On the coast in Valparaiso, Chile, the wine-themed Hotel WineBox features accommodations with private terraces. The property is constructed out of 25 salvaged shipping containers purchased from the nearby port of San Antonio. Repurposed furniture is also used throughout: Former bathtubs and sinks were turned into lounge seating; bed frames were made from wood from wineries; and decommissioned barrels serve as barstools. The property is also close to Pablo Neruda
a building made out of shipping containers in the middle of an open field with stairs leading up to it
China Prefabricated House, Steel Structure Engineering, Decoration Panel Supplier - Shandong Weichang New Building Materials Co., Ltd
ISO Competitive Quality and Price Modular Container House
an empty room with wooden floors and stairs leading up to the second floor that has been converted into a loft
A.G. house | Rocco Borromini | Archello
A.G. house | Rocco Borromini | Media - Photos and Videos - 22 | Archello
the inside of a storage building with two doors open
Shipping Containers for Sale | Container Sale & Hire Australia Wide
Make an interesting house... Shipping containers
four different views of the inside and outside of a house with mountains in the background
a small house with a pool in the middle of it and a deck next to it
the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment
Container apartment
the inside of a small cabin with wood floors and windows on it's side
The Good Life • Simplified Living • Guest House • The House!
a white barn with wooden doors and windows on the front porch is surrounded by greenery
Metal Buildings Help Keep Your Costs Down - Check Out THE PIC for Lots of Metal Building Ideas. 78263977 #building #steelbuildingpictures
a house made out of shipping containers sitting on top of a grass covered field next to trees
an overhead view of a floor plan with furniture
Different Solution For Small Apartments.
Artistic Land : Different Solution For Small Apartments.
the inside of a house under construction with wood framing and metal beams on the ceiling
Mu88 Me - Trang chủ đăng ký đăng nhập Mu88 mới nhất
Jeffrey White, a real estate agent who resides near Salt Lake City, Utah, is spearheading the Sarah House Project, a nonprofit, community-based organization that aims “to provide fast, green minded, safe, affordable homes for the underserved.” Built from converted, recycled shipping containers and named for a San Francisco artist who succumbed to cancer, the homes incorporate sustainability concepts, including the use of green materials such as eco-friendly plywood, bamboo flooring, and insul...
a large blue container sitting in the middle of a parking lot
15 Unexpectedly Cool Shipping Container Garage Conversion Plans & Ideas - Home Decor Ideas
Unexpectedly Cool Shipping Container pool Conversion Plans & Ideas #cost #plans #DIY #country #floorplans #interior #design #large #pool #single #ideas #luxury #simple #modern #tiny #exterior #layour #insulation #stacked
an outdoor food stand that is made out of shipping containers
українська електронна пошта • Створи емейл
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a large red building sitting on top of a dirt field
Shipping container home
Quick House container homes, container houses just in 6 months!
a house made out of shipping containers with a deck on the top and windows above it
17 Cool Container Homes To Inspire Your Own | Homesteading Ideas
Stylish Cargo Container Home | 17 Cool Container Homes To Inspire Your Own
three pictures of different colored shipping containers in various stages of being painted white, yellow and pink
a red shipping container with the word hamburg sud painted on it's front door
an architectural drawing shows the inside of a house with different parts labeled in red and blue
Casa construida con contenedores reciclados, planos y construcción
Gráfico de vientos cruzados de casa construida con contenedores
a man standing on top of a metal structure in the middle of a green field
Photogalery from www.makehome.biz
Photogalery from www.makehome.biz
the inside and outside of a building with windows, doors, and other things in it
two people are sitting in front of a house made out of shipping containers
Wohnen im Seecontainer – grundsätzliche Überlegungen • TINY and small HOUSES
Wohnen im Seecontainer: 4 Tipps für die Planung | Tiny Houses
the floor plan for this modern house is very large and has three levels, with an open
Passivhaus CityLife - Haus 700 - | HausbauDirekt.de
Modern House Plan City Life 700 - Dream Home Open Floor WeberHaus - Architecture Design Home Ideas HausbauDirekt.de - #home #house #houseplan #dreamhome #newhome #homedesign #houseideas #housegoals #construction #architecture #architect #arquitectura