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Dane Custance
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SC20 Hibernation Chamber

SC20 Hibernation Chamber is the first pack of a huge project (SC20) what will include several sci-fi scenes.It contains a high quality environment and various props like adjustable hibernation pods, laser scanner to create visually attractive ima

Arte CyberpunkCyberpunk CityEnvironment Concept ArtSci Fi City

Strip Mall, Gediminas Einikis

Strip Mall by Gediminas Einikis on ArtStation.

Extractor, Brandon Hahn

Extractor by Brandon Hahn on ArtStation.

Bande Dessinee : Photo

Bande Dessinee: Photo

A blog mainly (but not exclusively) about franco-belgian comics. I also write about illustration and animation.

Futuristic InteriorEnvironment Concept ArtOrlandoNew Freedom

New Freedom interior , John powell

New Freedom interior by John powell on ArtStation.

Environment Design: Modularity, Color & Composition
Stage DesignScience EquipmentFuturistic Art

Environment Design: Modularity, Color & Composition

Senior environment artist Felix Leyendecker talked about the way he approaches the creation of virtual spaces for high-end games.

Alex Broeckel Concept Art and Illustration
Environment Concept ArtScience Fiction ArtPlaces

Alex Broeckel | Concept Art World

Alex Broeckel a.k.a. Raybender, is a freelance concept artist and digital painter. Alex worked for over 12 years as a professional 3d artist building and lighting digital environments for the entertainment industry. Link: All images used with permission by the artist. © Alex Broeckel or their respective copyright holder.

Destiny: Cabal interior architecture & mood, Jesse van Dijk

Destiny: Cabal interior architecture & mood by Jesse van Dijk on ArtStation.

Screencaps reveal the wonder and squalor of Neill Blomkamps first Elysium trailer

Screencaps reveal the wonder and squalor of Neill Blomkamp's first Elysium trailer

You've marveled at the very first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium — now let's pick it apart, and discover all the glorious futuristic shots and plot details. Be warned, spoilers ahead...

Architecture TattooNew HaloEnvironmental Art

Hallway in Halo 4, Jihoon Kim

original concept by Sparth I use long shaped structures to reinforce the directions. Especially the floors need to be smooth with minimum seams rather than having lots of disconnections. 나는 길다란 사각형 세입으로 방향성을 강조한다.

Sci Fi CityAztec Warrior

Apex: Legends , Cliff Childs

Here are some concepts that the architecture was based on for Kings Canyon map update a while back.

Destiny: Inside the Cosmodrome Wall, Jesse van Dijk

Destiny: Inside the Cosmodrome Wall by Jesse van Dijk on ArtStation.

Aztec WarriorFuturistic InteriorTeam Games

Doom: Outbreak Command Center, Ean Vasquez

A section of the environment for the DLC Map Outbreak. I was responsible for modeling the environment and using existing assets and kit pieces, generated by me and other artist. Nick Slay Nicolas Dunbeck

Halo 2 Anniversary environment by Josh Kao
Sci Fi RpgAztec Warrior

Halo 2 Anniversary

Halo 2 Anniversary environment by Josh Kao

UE4, Alden Filion

Playing with Unreal Engine 4

Environment PaintingFuturistic InteriorAircraft InteriorsCyberpunk City

Space Station hallway, Isaac Hannaford

Space Station hallway by Isaac Hannaford on ArtStation.