leaf animals

Animals made out of leaves - no link but it's such a great idea for a kid's fall art project. Go for a walk in the park and collect the leaves, then make art projects with them!

Rip Paper Owlets- Kindergarten Art- ( art teacher: v. giannetto)

For Annette Rip Paper Owlets- Kindergarten Art- ( art teacher: v.

Lantaarns maken met herfstbladeren

Leaf Lanterns

een spinnenweb knippen was nog nooit zo gemakkelijk

DIY paper spiderweb I imagine since you are so good at cutting the snowflakes that this would b a perfect craft for this Halloween you are going to make many of

* Dubbel uit laten prikken! Gekleurd vloeipapier ertussen en... klaar! 1-3

stencil, embroidery cut work, laser cutting, scroll saw, applique. get the Something Southernelle Idea?

Digibordles herfstbladeren

Digibordles herfstbladeren

Spinnenwebben borduren

Spinnenwebben borduren