5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman--- I think brad uses whatever more than I do. But the wow one is alllll meeee hahaha.

5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman -- a little harsh, but humorously true. Where is men's deadly term list?

Oh I love this, so true.

YES I have a huge pet peeve of people claiming that they have undiagnosed ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, and Insomnia. especially OCD.

Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs. | 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

I love this under stair indoor "dog house." Its out of the way and it even has a window. What more could a dog want? I do want this somewhere,so that while we are gone,they can look out of "their window" and watch for our return.

Button Tree DIY..Ask now on how to become a member of my new website coming soon. For now these boards are open to the public but will soon go private. Ask now on how to become a member. Keep following for more DIY ideas and info of the opening of the site.

Button Tree: a beautiful canvas project full of vibrant colors

Every parent should use this as a guide when they think about choices and decisions they are making since their ultimate job is being a parent

I Am Not Your Friend!

balloon dress, window display.

It's balloons - Great idea for an Easter store window - Balloon dress in the shop window of Takashimaya, Osaka.

De cover vd Bijvoorbeeldboekjes een keer vullen met groot in beeld een inspirerende quote van 1 van de initiatiefnemers die we in het BVboekje belichten. Daar omheen, op de achtergrond, in klein citaten van de andere initiatiefnemers. Zo zijn alle motivaties recht uit het hart een keer je cover: een krachtige boodschap om uit te dragen. Aandacht is het mooiste wat je kunt geven. Bron: Tessa Koudijs ( Libelle) | Aandachtmagazine.nl

Dutch rough translation: "a thought is the most beautiful thing you can give someone"

Giraffe Art Signed Print from an original watercolour painting by artist Maria Moss.

Colors - Giraffe Art Signed Print from an original watercolour painting by artist Maria Moss.

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