I want to have an eighties party so I can do this and crimp my hair ofcourse in a pony tail on the side of my head. I'd totally rock.

Celebrate LGBT and Gay Pride with these beauty ideas, including multicolored eyeshadow and lips, and rainbow nails.

Moda anni '80: make up

The yellow and green eyeshadow are two perfect pops of color. The light gloss is even better to let the hair and eyes sing an pop song.


These are some gorgeous eyes. Beautiful eye make-up: Blue, pink & purple eyeshadow, black & blue eyeliner, and mascara.

Jaren 80 make up

Lydia’s jaren make-uplooks voor AvantGarde

Retro 80's Makeup Look

Retro Make Up Look - This video is a bit of retro make-up fun, a time that was all about bright, stripy blusher and garish eye colours. I’ve worked on a few inspired shoots recently which had me thinking about and researching all things beauty relate.