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The builders of the Pantheon created a hole in the top, which made the complete building more elastic, so that it could withstand minor earthquakes. The walls also got thinner the higher they got, so that the building wasn't top-heavy. This al together made sure the building is still completely intact after thousands of years.

The Pantheon. A maginificent building, with a giant dome on top. It is the largest concrete dome of the world. That was possible because the Roman concrete was stronger than the present concrete.

'It is very inapropriate watching naked girls. That is called rape by Jezus. You think I'm accusing the two boys in the bushes? No! I'm accusing you! You're looking at me right now right, even though I'm naked? Shame on you!'

Bob recognises this painting as the rape of Susanna, from the apocryphal part of the bible book Daniel. The detail on this painting is magnificent, even though the painter, Peter Paul Rubens, isn't that well-known.

In this statue, the movement and the change of human to tree is so clear, that is has become 'astonishing' according to Bob. The contrast of the rough tree bark against the smooth legs of Daphne is done amazing. Bernini was only 24 when he started this masterpiece.

Bob goes to Villa Borghese. The museum which keeps all the masterpieces of Rome. Like the Rape of Proserpina. The craftmanship Bob can see in the statue is beyond compare. It looks as is it is alive.

This is a picture of the San Gregorio Magno al Celio. It is the only church Bob saw in Rome with an organ. Bob likes organs because of the technic it uses to create sound. It is a genious system to create vibrations of a certain hight so that it makes music.

This is a black and white mosaic of a skeleton. Also from the Thermes of Diocletianus. It makes Bob wonder, why was it there? Is it a warning that the hot baths were deadly?

This is a statue in the Thermes of Diocletianus. Again it is from the Mithras Cult. Bob is just fascinated by the returning aspects of those statues. In every statue, Mithras is killing the bull, equal to 'evil'. There is also a scorpion on the image.

This is a replica of the system the Colosseum used to get animals or gladiators up to the stage. It uses a trapdoor and a cage which is pulled up by slaves.