Four years ago today, Niall applied for Xfactor. I honestly couldn't be prouder. I love you so much! X Dunican Dunican Horan


K this picture he looks attractive :) (like every picture of him) Harry Styles on today show, 2013

Niall tanktop♡

One Direction's Niall Horan cleared up new dating rumors about a mystery girl that he took a photo with recently. It turns out that the "Story of My Life" 2013 singer, was posing with his cousin, and may be upset that fans thought he was dating her.


Peter Pan didn't want to grow up He never did Louis Tomlinson didn't want to grow up He did


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Liam with tank top♡

Liam Payne's biceps featuring Liam Payne<< the biceps have officially stolen the show<<< no no. It's not Liam. It's Daddy.