Danielle Martinez-Spits

Danielle Martinez-Spits

If you love me I will make you a star in my universe
Danielle Martinez-Spits
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Nature September is National Mushroom Month. There are many toxic mushrooms so don't take them unless you know what you are doing. -- This mushroom is pretty, but very toxic.

(Stropharia Aeruginosa) commonly known as the Verdigris Agaric - Woodland Mushroom, England

Stropharia Aeruginosa, commonly known as the verdigris agaric, is a medium-sized Woodland Mushroom, England

Amethistzwam  (Van vroegevogels)

Amethistzwam (Van vroegevogels)

hermoso *-*

"Coraline" by Neil Gaiman, illustration by Karl James Mountford - I enjoy this type of illustration, however, it seems that everyone nowadays is doing this stylistic kind of drawing and I honestly think that it can be way too flat a lot of the time.