party food. fingerfood RHS

Cucumber bites/with Chicken Salad. Cream Cheese Roll-ups/with smoked turkey or ham.Cucumber Cups with Herb,Chicken/Bacon Wraps, Cream Cheese, Cuban Bites.

Heerlijk broodje voor de lunch, pistoletje met tomaat, kaas en Italiaanse kruiden 10 minuutjes in de oven

Easy Italian Pizza Bread : Bake 10 Minutes in the Oven at F.

Cucumber sandwiches-on-a-stick (broodstokjes met komkommer) recipe in Dutch from Brenda Kookt.

I love this twist on tea sandwiches! This would be great for an outside summer tea party.

Hapje augurk/roomkaas ham of snijworst

Appetizer/Finger Food-Pickle Roll-Ups, so easy and yummy. Absolutely love these-great appetizer or picnic finger food. I like to slice the pickle in thin strips.