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rumali roti

roomali roti, rumali roti , easy roti recipe with step by step photo/video recipe. roti's are indian bread which is served with curry for lunch and dinner

the research project focuses on the viability of metal 3D printing using welding processes with the help robotic experts.

Arc Bicycle has steel frame created by TU Delft students and Dan HowarthDezeen / People in the Netherlands will soon be able to cycle over the world's first steel bridge on the world's first steel bicycle (+ movie).

chicken pulao  recipe | how to make chicken pulao recipe

Chicken pulao recipe - learn to make delicious, spicy and the best chicken pulao recipe with step by step pictures. Can be accompanied with onion raita.

take retired iPhones and employ them as lights and speakers

urkanian industrial designer ivan zhurba developed a lamp that reuses outdated apple iPhones like the and or and versions to convert them into light sources and audio speakers.

gobi masala recipe, how to make gobi masala recipe restaurant style

gobi masala recipe with step by step photos. mild and creamy gobi masala recipe which is easy to make and has restaurant like flavors.

Holy moly love these > London transport museum launching range of trunks & access. in colour range based on tube lines...

Coloured Trunks - These retro styled powder-coated metal trunks are available in the UK exclusively as part of the London Transport Museum Tube Line Colour collection.

Genetic Map of Europe

Genetic Map of Europe. If you have had your DNA analyzed, you have a good idea of the information on this map, though it is given by tribal or cultural group, and not haplo-group. Over time, the general direction of population movement was west.

European ancestry profiles for the 17 UK clusters.

The diagram above shows the European ancestry of each of the 17 genetic clusters found in the new genetic study of the UK. The Welsh were found to have DNA that dates back to the earliest settlers of Britain

Foodhallen | CONTACT

The Local Goods Weekend Market is held in De Hallen in Amsterdam West. There are many interesting things to taste and buy at this wonderful market but if you need another reason to go, it's a great opportunity to check out De Hallen.