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If your considering buying Guinea pigs please read this first! To many people just buy guinea pigs because they are easy to care for and children like them, which is a complete MYTH! Learn about Guinea pig care before you buy one!

Figure out guinea pig age

Guinea pigs make family-friendly pets, are easily bred by even novice owners. With proper care, guinea pigs can live to be 5 to 7 years old. Young pigs are usually sold in pet stores, but their ages are not usually documented.

im guessing this is for guinea pigs? if so, it's fantastic. they really need this much space, but everyone gets them at a pet store and puts them in a tiny little cage

(Not into guinea pigs but holy cow, amazing!)Now, THIS is a guinea pig house from heaven! My girls would be on piggy 'Cribs' if we had this.and I will be begging my husband to let us have this!I found 'Cute Guinea Pig Cage' on Wish, check it out!