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two toothbrushes stuck in a wooden post on the ground near a wire fence
DIY Toys For Goats To Keep Them Busy
a wooden sign that says goat yard warning personal items may be beaten on the outside
TheChickenStudio - Etsy
a floor plan for a bathroom with an attached shower and sink, including the bathtub
Dairy Goat Housing Floor Plans – Mother Earth News
there are many animals in the barn together
Going Goaty!
two sheep are sitting on top of a wooden structure in the yard with snow around them
the inside of a stable with wooden slats
Easy Hay Feeder
three pictures of a cow that is tied up to a pole and eating grass from the ground
ONLY thing I've ever made for my goats that they ACTUALLY use. Plastic grass mat wrapped around post - held in place by s… | Goat playground, Goat toys, Goat house
a donkey sticking its head out of a shed
Abri pour un âne -(écurie)-plan de construction | Poulailler bio
several animals are standing in the hay under a shed with a metal roof and wooden posts