Binnenkant trapkast

For gift-wrap, but maybe also for my bedroom - necklaces, belts. Or all the kitchen clobber.

Trap met opbergruimte. Door anja

Great idea for basement stairs! also a great way to get rid of the wasted space under the stairs.


Stenciled stair risers add beautiful pattern and color to hallways and floors design in the home

paper towel holder for garbage bags, hung in the broom closet

This is one of those clever. So simple, too! Use a kitchen paper towel holder for your garbage bags in the garage. Kitchen garbage bags could be placed on one of those upright paper towel holders for under the sink storage.

Trap gedaan met plak plastic

add wood wallpaper to the kick plates of the stairs. Those rolls are expensive but you would only need one. Not practical with white treads though, it will be stuffed up from black shoe soles in no time.

Use magazine holder to hold cans

Use a magazine rack to hold your canned goods in your pantry. PB&J; Stories said she used a bobby pin at the end as a stopper. Is the bobby pin thing safe? I will try!