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a woman sitting in the middle of rows of red chairs
Nostalgic Futurism in the Photography of Mária Švarbová
the silhouette of a woman's head with an orange light in her eyes
Jonas Lindstroem | Bilingual | Metal Magazine
A skater during his teenage years, he grew up with DIY as a motto. Now a photographer and filmmaker, he creates striking, relevant and contemporary images.
black and white photograph of people climbing up a fence
"Vintage Black & White Litho Print titled: \"First Watts Festival\" L.A. CA 1960s-18x24, by late Photo League street photographer, Joe Schwartz"
"Vintage, black and white lithographic print titled: \"First Watts Festival\" after the Watts Riots in Los Angeles, California in the 1960s. Printed from original negative on high quality paper of the 1960s by Joe Schwartz. Political and historical. The photographer was focusing on civil rights in the 1930s-1940s prior to the civil rights movement. Dimensions: Approx. 18\" x 24\"."
a black and white photo of a woman sitting on a bench
Ed van der Elsken - "Love on the Left Bank" (1954)
a man in a suit is walking down the street with his foot on a grate
Best of Black and White Street Photography on 500px
a man laying in bed with newspaper covering his face
Fotoaufgaben zum nachmachen und kreative Fotoideen - auf die du bestimmt noch nicht gekommen bist!
Freust Du Dich auch immer so wie ich über neue Inspiration? Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich schon mal einen ganzen Haufen an Kreativ-Ideen für deine Fotografie hier zusammengestellt. Ich habe Dir mal wieder ein paar neue Ideen zusammengestellt, die einen umdenken lassen und teilweise mal wieder so einfac