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Homestead survival- offgrid prepper

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If you need to migrate your data or are looking to keep a backup handy, you can clone your hard drive. Here's how to do it in Windows and on a Mac. #howto #technology #backup


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Solar water heater #solarenergy,solarpower,solarinstallation,solarelectricity,solarpower,solartechnology,solarpowerenergy,solarenergyinformation,solarpowerinformation,solarpowerelectricity

Free Energies Making your own Energy

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2 Ideas for Setting Up an Easy Rainwater Collection System #rainwatercollection #rainwater #gardeningtips

Water & energies into land and house

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Do you need an expensive or mirrorless camera to capture the night sky? No, you do not! Your smartphone is capable of much more than you think, and we  picked the best Waterproof Mobile Telescope that will help you get the most from the emerging hobby of astro-phoneography. Features: Solid Framework and shock-absorbing Rubber Armor with Stripes:  Its tight fitting protection makes it usable to withstand the toughest weather conditions. And The rubber armor with stripes makes it co
Removes bacteria & parasites: The microfiltration membrane removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), and 99.999% of waterborne parasites (including giardia and cryptosporidium) Removes microplastics: Removes the smallest microplastics found in the environment (down to 1 micron), and reduces turbidity down to 0.2 microns Rigorous Testing: All claims are verified with laboratories using standard testing protocols set by the US EPA, NSF, ASTM for water purifi

homesteading off the grid home defense

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Dealing with wastewater isn't a pretty subject, but it's one of the most important things to consider when building an off-grid or green home. Find out your options (plus the one thing that might surprise you)
Centrex 2000 central compost system with 1 pint water flush.  4-6 people residential use.  $2125  (note, many of the other similar models like this stated only for vacation use).  Also comes in a non-electric model and waterless models.

buying land

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Building a new home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime, so it is important to get it right the first time. The understandable question that we’re asked time and time again is: “What does it cost to build a house?”  As you’ve guessed, it’s not an easy question to answer. But we’ll teach you how.

study projects to do before building

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The Hercules 2 in. Steel Mesh Chair is perfect for patios, sidewalks, driveways, garages and many other concrete applications. Designed for 6-Gauge, 8-Gauge and 10-Gauge steel wire, the Hercules 2 in. Steel Mesh Chair allows concrete to flow freely underneath the mesh. This is the ultimate solution to help you get the job done right.
[Infographic] 50 Tools Every Home Owner Must Have

building tools & building materials

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Stay Up To Date, Even Off Grid

Homestead building Tools & Products

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Concrete pumping is the latest technology applied in the modern construction industry to set the concrete in all the structures ranging from high skyscrapers to the slightest convenience store. With concrete pumping, it is possible to arrange the concrete where it requires to fit.

soil prep grading & foundation

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Wall Framing Tips for New Construction
Build This Cozy Cabin (For Less than $4,000). Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build this 14-by-20-foot cabin, which features a sleeping loft over the porch. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

basic framing

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Bionic Spot Light | The solar powered motion activated light
Solar Panels Wiring Diagram #solar #panels #installation

exterior electricity

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Living without Electricity: How to do without a Refrigerator Off the Grid!
Electrical in ICF Walls | Ana White

interior electricity

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The portable JW-20 retractable hose reel is perfect for getting to those hard to reach places around your home and garden. It features a 33 ft. lead line hose that attaches easily to any standard existing water supply and 33 more feet of extra working hose that comes with spray nozzle included. That's 66 ft. of hose, It's like having 2 hoses in 1 let has an easy to hold handle on top for this lightweight helper. Quit struggling with long heavy hoses that get tangled on everything in your path. W
Underlayment and other parts of an in-floor heating system

interior plumbing

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Exterior sewage lines & Property water drainage

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DIY Barn Greenhouse Tutorial - Free Plan

Affordable Cabins &Land Off Grid Set Ups

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other shelters

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Excellent "greenhouse plans" detail is available on our web pages. Take a look and you wont be sorry you did.
Rendering lard is easy and economical. These 10 tips will make rendering easier.

Constructing Primitive Shelters & Cooking Methods

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Algae Microfarms: for home, school, community and urban gardens, rooftop, mobile and vertical farms and living buildings: Mr Robert Henrikso...
How Long Do Vegetable Seeds Last? With good storage, garden seeds can last 3-12+ years / www.kaitsgarden.com

Aquaponics: grow food fuel and building materials

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It's not fine dining, but it will get you through if your budget is tight...

Food preservation & Water Purification

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Grow own Food & Medicine Gardening

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Raising- Farm Animal Care & Management

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Survival living off the Grid Homestead

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Homestead profits & management

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