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Surana | The Warden>> omg. That's DAI level character creation tbh

m Elf Bard portrait Surana

Manwë (Good, Pure). The noblest of the Ainur and the mightiest of the Aratar, brother of Melkor, spouse of Varda. Dearest to Iluvatar and understands his will and thought best. Compassionate and wise, but he doesn't understand evil, and so he was deceived into unchaining Melkor.

We were lucky enough to interview the Tolkien-inspired artist Gerwell last year, and he just keeps putting out amazing Silmarillion artwork! His image of Manwë featured above has quite literally left the Middle-earth News team speechless.

ArtStation - Gold Artifact Bow Blizzard-Fan Art, Rebekah Madsen

Bow of the Eternal Flame