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Don't feel blue, just look on the bright side! Exactly one year ago we presented Viewlite in Dataflex blue as the center piece of our Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair stand. A lot has changed since then... Sadly, no fair, no stand this year. But: don't feel blue about it! We just released brand new Viewlite monitor arms in a pristine satin white colour! Visit our website or contact us for more information. #dataflex #feelingatwork #ergonomics #workplaceaccessories #moni
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Dataflex Viewlite monitor arms

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three electronic devices sitting on top of a white table next to each other in a room
Boring in Milan | Dataflex
a room filled with lots of white tables and chairs next to each other on top of carpeted flooring
Boring in Milan | Dataflex
an office desk with several computers and chairs in the background, all on separate tables
Boring in Milan | Dataflex
a computer monitor sitting on top of a white desk next to a keyboard and mouse
It s all about perspective….
Did you had the chance to take a good look over the sea, hills or skyline this summer. Me to! But now we are going back to work. I m so furtunate that a can change my perspective during the day with the viewprime. Sometimes its brings me back to holiday. #interieurinspiratie #officeinterior #ergonomics #design #viewprime #dataflex
Dataflex Viewlite monitorarm Accessories, Daniel, Arm, Daniel Wellington, Wellington, Docking Station
Dataflex Viewlite monitorarm
@dataflex_feelingatwork Viewlite monitorarm werkt perfect als 2e beeldscherm. #office #desk #monitorarm #monitor #workspace #work #screen #Viewlite
Dataflex tijdens Design District 2021 Computer
Dataflex monitorarm Viewgo
@dataflex_feelingatwork aanwezig op de vakbeurs Design District 2021. #interieurbeurs #designdistrict #Dataflex
De Viewlite monitorarm installeren
De Dataflex #Viewlite #monitorarm is gemakkelijk te installeren en te demonteren. Hierdoor bent u lekker flexibel in het inrichten van uw #werkplek.
a woman sitting at a desk with a computer
Set your screen in position!
Take a minute to set your screen in the right position every day and save a trip to the fysio. In this picture we have the help of the viewprime monitorarm. It helps you in every angle. Have a good work day! #dataflex #work setup #interieur #officedesign #interieur #monitorarms #ergonomics
a happy new year card with fireworks and the words,'happy new year '
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an office with a desk, chair and computer monitor on it in front of large windows
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four different views of a desk with computers
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Koop dataflex @beugelsenmeer
@dataflex_feelingatwork Dankzij het gebruik van een dubbele monitor arm creëer je niet alleen meer ruimte en rust op het bureau, maar je zorgt er ook voor dat je een juiste ergonomische houding aanneemt. Uiteindelijk bespaar je hiermee zelfs kosten, bijvoorbeeld door een verminderd ziekte verzuim dankzij een veel betere werkhouding.
an image of a computer screen with the words viewwrite on it and two circles above it
Dataflex Viewlite Monitor arm
Dataflex Viewlite Monitor arm
an advertisement for a high - tech router with the words, static height adjustments
Viewlite - Monitor arm.3gp
Viewlite - Monitor arm.3gp