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Who says role models always need to exist in the real world? I for one believe that its not a necessity for a person to be real to be a role model...And that's what Naruto is for me, a role model in the form of a fictional character. He's taught me to never give up, no matter how hard the situation, or how steep the climb is. Perseverance and hard work are two very important tools for Success. #NeverGiveUp #MyMotto #Naruto #MKM915

There's some really, really good times to run. Like when samurai are chasing you. Just sayin'. But if your Naruto then u won't hav to.

Batman the Animated Series Opening Scene Storyboard "Comics are great for translating ideas to image with rhythm and dynamic" KB

original storyboards for the title sequence from ‘Batman: the Animated Series’, by Bruce Timm. this won Bruce Timm an Emmy Award. this sequence has been called the BEST animated representation of the.

Alfred Hitchcock's storyboards for "The Birds," the horror film that turns 50 this year.

It's 50 years since Hitchcock's The Birds first flew into the world and revolutionised on-screen horror. These storyboards reveal the intricate planning for the classic schoolhouse attack sequence.