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Dilara Cakmak

Dilara Cakmak
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How true this is..People think because you smile or laugh that your fine..If they only knew..

sometimes people think q as one laughs and shows a smile means q is fine but inside are really depressed about something people have miss them but in life erases traces in this life and the only thing you can do is forget q and move on with your life

Lieve papa en mama, Sorry, als ik jullie net veel reden heb gegeven om trots op me te zijn. Sorry, als ik niet geworden zoals jullie voor me gewild hadden. Sorry, als ik een teleurstelling voor jullie ben geworden.   (Afscheidsbrief - mocht ik er ooit een nodig hebben.)

love death life depressed depression sad hurt anxiety alone broken taylor lautner crying self harm hopeless self hate cutter cutting confused fucked up dying not good enough useless worthless hated ashamed unloved damaged missunderstood eveveryday being i

Society Sucks I swear be happy the way god made u ..people will never be satisfied never! So do what makes U happy and show them

This is why I hate society. They say things to you that can hurt but if or when you change it society finds a way to make it back fire. So screw society we have one life to live and in my opinion I'd rather live it my way.