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an image of various poses and expressions for the character avatars in cartoon style on paper
Portafolio on Behance
two cartoon animals with different facial expressions on their faces
ca-tsuka: Early “Hotel Transylvania” character-designs by Fabien Mense.
an image of various bears in different poses
Polar bear study/improvement :>
Polar bear study/improvement :> : drawing
various bears are shown in black and white, as well as the outlines for each bear
Drawing References Dump - 2
Drawing References Dump - 2 - Imgur
a drawing of various bears and cubs
an image of how to draw bears in the style of cartoonism, with instructions
Art tutorials for all
anatoref: “ Bear by Aaron Blaise ”
an alien head is shown on top of a table
Awesome Resin Art - Castings, Masks and More
Awesome Resin Art - Castings, Masks and More - Resin ranks high among hobbyists, and for pretty good reason. As a moldable material, it's often used to create custom toys, masks and props with little initial investment. Image Credit: "Octopus Altered Art Resin Spoon Pendant" by Create-A-Pendant (Deviantart) Artists armed with resin can recreate their favorite fandom props and costumes or...
an alien head is shown with blue eyes and green hair, while it looks like he's smiling for the camera
Francisco Charlie Hernandez
Francisco Charlie Hernandez Ghoul At an early age, Charlie liked to draw, watch science fiction and horror films with his dad. For many years he was working as a pharmacy technician until in 2010, he discovered creature and character design from top industry professionals and realized he wanted to do the same.
a statue of an alien with big blue eyes and mouth is shown in front of a white background
Dear Art | Leading Art & Culture Magazine & Database
Easy Clay Sculptures : .
a demonic creature with large teeth and blood on it's face is shown in this image
Mutant zombies, Di ana
a drawing of a creature with its mouth open and hands on it's hips
Handigo doodle by Daikaiju-Danielle on DeviantArt
Handigo doodle by Daikaiju-Danielle
an alien head with large teeth and sharp fangs on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Kidd Monster by Jordu Schell
Kidd Monster by Jordu Schell : creepy