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Marina+Ginestà+of+the+Juventudes+Comunistas,+aged+17,+overlooking+anarchist+Barcelona+during+the+Spanish+Civil+War+-+21+July+1937.jpg (1024×711)

Marina Ginesta, a communist militant, overlooking Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, 1936 “Marina Ginestà, aged overlooking Barcelona from Hotel Colón. She worked as a.

London+milkman%2C+1940.jpg (1600×1243)

The London milkman, 1940 - The photo pushed forward the idea of the stoic British continuing on with their normal lives.

A German soldier with a badge on his chest in Stalingrad Russia Nov 1942

A German soldier at the Battle of Stalingrad. You can see the war weariness in his face. Over 2 million people died fighting over this city alone. Worst battle in human history, no strategy, just bloodshed.

The ruins of Dresden 1945

Over of the city was destroyed. Putting in Homefront & Civilians since this was a purely civilian target-- no munitions factories, no military facilities-- destroyed simply to break the will of the German populace.