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Sinon sao

ass back bare shoulders blue eyes blue hair bullet hole fingerless gloves gloves hair ornament hairclip holding kamishiro ryuu panties scarf shinon (sao) solo sword art online torn clothes underwear


black hair breasts character request cherry blossoms ching nu yu hun ching nu yu hun 2 cleavage cleavage cutout female flower hair flower hair ornament kishiyo large breasts lips long hair looking at viewer mole mole under eye oriental umbrella revis

Puzzle & Dragons, Angel Metratron, by nove (legge)

alternate costume angel wings archangel metatron (p&d) bikini blue eyes bracelet head wings jewelry navel nove (legge) pink hair puzzle & dragons skirt swimsuit wings

puzzle and dragons fan art - Google Search

this time I try different ways to draw the color and the light I wanna to make her colorful and shining she is also the light attribute in this game~ [Puzzle and Dragons] Kirin Sakuya