Meer ideeën van Stefan

Understanding how you triggered it and why it is there helps you through it, but it doesn't magically go away with an explaination.

"Titles are overrated." Photo found on Imgur. Does this represent Infps correctly?

Creative Artist Robert DeJesus Turns Strangers’ Photographs Into Anime-Inspired Sketches (10 Pictures + Clip)

Making away for the guest to get in the house. artist Julkort av Anders Olsson

“Story Cat” by mary-paints, (on a stolen page of 1952 mystery novel, “A Lotus for Miss Quonne”)

Lucy McRae and Bart Hess imagine physically transformed bodies and faces with sometimes shocking artistic realism.


Ian Derricks, at your service. x] Orphaned at a young age by his elvish mother and human father, he refused to go to the orphanage, instead running away and becoming a common thief. He's tall, lanky, and has white-blonde hair and pointy ears. He's nearly sixteen when he discovers an old tunnel that leads to the surface... and is arrested for stealing food from the market place. Now he's trying to find a way out of prison and back underground.

Art in Action 2008 - 100_2906a by normko, via Flickr - interesting building technique

Printmaking on shoe bottom get flip flops or old tennis shoes to print art work with, great for butterfly or dragonfly wings