Leafcutter Designs - Projects, With a Pencil in My Pocket

Leafcutter designs is sponsoring, along with Felissimo Pencils, a collection of sketches and stories relating to color. Participants get one color a month and have to draw some that caputre's the essence of the color.

Leafcutter Designs - Projects, Inifinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities: a non-competitive poetic game in which everyday artifactual detritus is allowed to reveal its marvelous meaningfulness. It is a game of unexpected relationships and associative thinking.

Leafcutter Designs - Projects, Conceptual Knitting Patterns, Lea Redmond

Sky Scarf Yarn Kit

Grab your yarn, needles, and a sense of whimsy and adventure! Our creative knitting kits and free knitting projects inspire you to explore the world while you make something wonderful.

Leafcutter Designs - Projects, Changing Clothes

Leafcutter Designs - Projects, Changing Clothes