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the front of a building with an advertisement on it that reads, after a long career of
Funny Dungeons & Dragons Memes According To A Guy Who Actually Plays D&D (30 Pics)
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A Hefty Mixed Bag Of Nerdy Memes
the tweet is being used to describe what they are talking about in this conversation
Picture memes PsuN95mz6: 1 comment — iFunny
an email message with the caption that reads,
the tweet is showing that people are using twitters to describe what they're
Probablyadrpgideas An axe that doesn’t do damage but makes enemies smell nice. & probablybarpgideas A bow that only shoots where you're aiming if you’re blackout drunk. % probablyottrpgideas A sword that does untyped area of effect damage. With d125. Many of them. & probablyadrpgideas A sword that is actually just a really big butter knife. % lawfulgoodness I’m saving all of these as ideas for cursed items. - iFunny
the tweets are all over the place for each other to be posted on twitter
Even more dumb item ideas
two tweets on the same page, one has an image of a cat
. - funny post
the best barbarin build for beginners is shown in black and white text
Best Barbarian Build for Dungeons & Dragons
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the text on this page is very funny
When You Wanna Be
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