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Have you ever loved someone so much that they left a permanent mark on your heart?  I have. And even now, after years, I still remember my first true love when I was 13 years old. . .

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. hes actually cute, alot scene guys hide their faces so much that you cant tell whether theyre hot or not

SLAYER !! #slayer #metal #metalhead

Charlotte Free made a huge impact on last season's Fashion Week. I remember when she turned up in what looked like her gym jams in the midd.

Metalhead Ariel -

love disney piercings tattoos pierce the veil the little mermaid ariel self harm cutting Eric ptv punk disney Alternative Disney Ariel and Eric a match into water Goth Disney


Hipster timmy Turner >> Sorry, I didn't realize Suicide Silence is "Hipster music" my apologies for being a hipster. LOL that made me luagh