Adventure Time - LSP is really weird, but this quote was one of the most heartfelt quotes of the entire show

[I know I mess things up sometimes but I'm really trying] -Lumpy space princess

And this is why I rarely try my best. I know it's wrong, but it'll hurt so much more if I fail then...

the worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn't good enough. it's never good enough

Zulke jongens ken ik ook, he Rory, maar toch geloof mij, deel je zorgen met anderen dat helpt en verlicht. Zo'n meisje was ik heel erg en ben ik soms nog een beetje, maar gedeelde smart is soms echt halve smart en op z'n minst word je een schouder geboden om op uit te huilen en hoe heerlijk is dat. xxxxx mams

Zulke jongens ken ik ook, he Rory, maar toch geloof mij, deel je zorgen met…

You may not be pushing me away but youre not fighting to keep me either... | See more about food for thought, dont care and people.

Sad quotes best collection by famous authors for broken heart people to share these wise, friendship, life and love quotations on sadness, sorrow and being sad

Pretty much. I mean yeah, I have friends but its so hard. I have people telling me that they are here for me but truly NO one actually cares. So I deal with my pain alone. Because no one wants to listen to me.


I want to go where there are nice people who care and want to be cared about...on an equal basis...

Be free. Truth- Isaiah I can and do soar in freedom in every situation! I am free in every moment and only through Jesus. My freedom doesn't depend on my circumstance, it depends on what I'm looking at - circumstance, or Jesus!