Polka dot fun~ Cover a paper towel or toilet paper roll with bubble wrap, paint the bubbles and then press on. More bubble wrap fun!

schilderen met werkmateriaal van papa

Printing with Nuts and Bolts and Screws

schilderen met slazwierder

Need to find a cheap salad spinner! Spin Art Craft- paint with salad spinner, fine motor, strength, shoulder girdle, bilateral integration

stempelen met bubbelfolie en de voetjes

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

This is insanely clever and I imagine loads of fun! Who does not like popping bubble wrap first off, and then add paint = deal! - Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting - make some bubble wrap "boots" then dip in paint and stomp around to create art!

schilderen met treintjes/ auto's

Painting with Trains on Canvas

Painting with Toy Trains on Canvas, Now with Extra Pretend Play @ Play Trains! Monkey would LOVE this! Walters Swanson And Auntie Train would let him do it ;

schilderen met spuitjes

Fine motor art with syringes - from Bäckens teknikresa (",) we could try this with the syringes from infant paracetamol

Verven -   Eerst verven met waterverf. Vervolgens met doorzichtige lijm patronen erop maken. Tenslotte met zout eroverheen strooien, om mooie effecten te krijgen.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. This looks fun! Use canvas or Water color paper, and paint with watercolors by using brushes. Drizzle clear Elmers glue all over the painting, then sprinkle kosher salt around the painting