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the love coloring book with flowers and swirls on it, is shown in color
LOVE coloring page from Thaneeya McArdle's Peace and Love Coloring Book
a peace sign painted on top of a flower
"Hippie Trippy Flower Power Peace Sign Psychedelic" Sticker for Sale by Swigalicious
the word love is painted in bright colors with hearts and swirls on white paper
a drawing with flowers and peace written in the middle, on a white background that says power
a drawing of a sunflower with the words may peace bloom on it's center
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the sun shines brightly with colorful flowers and words that read, sunshine state of mind
a drawing of a peace sign made out of colored paper with hearts and sun on it
Hippie Peace Freaks ☮️
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a person wearing a black shirt with flowers and guitar on the front, which says whispers words of wisdom let it be