Easy Silhouette Wall Art -- Could do this on a white canvas, too!

Fun and Easy Silhouette DIY Wall Art. I would do it on a solid color though instead of wood grain being in the silhouette.

I always see the cool things you can do with glue and a balloon and I always want to try it. Maybe someday I will...

Bowls made of confetti! Great recycling art project--save all those leftover paper scraps (put in small bowls at each table). Collect a bunch and have the kids cut them up; Then make bowls made from confetti.

Met achterkant van een plastic fles blaadjes verven.

Bottom of a 2 liter, paint a trunk/branch/stems/whatever, colored paint for petals and BOOM! Better art than that crap IKEA painting everyone else and their mother has in their living room!

Create Pine Cone Monsters with patience and wisdom in the process, of course, it also gives us a lot of fun

DIY Create Pine Cone Monsters with patience and wisdom in the process, of course, it also gives us a lot of fun

Floating Chalk Printing - an easy yet magical art activity

Floating Chalk Prints

Floating Chalk Printing - an easy yet magical art activity. Scrape chalk with a plastic knife to scatter on the water surface and lay paper on top!


29 Clever Crafts For Kids That Parents Will Enjoy Doing, Too Makes a pretty sun catcher! -- 29 creative crafts for kids that parents will actually enjoy doing, too! Want excellent suggestions regarding arts and crafts?

Verven met scheerschuim en waterverf

Begin with some shaving cream in a tray or directly on your tables These liquid watercolors are one of my most favorite thing in the a.

leuk om met kinderen te maken, weven op karton

This is just the sort of kid activity I love: Montessori Practical Life and arts and crafts: circular weaving activity.


How To: Coloring Book Page From a Photo

Super Fun Watercolor Kids Craft Project That you HAVE to try today! Your Kids…

plaasterhandjes. Simpel+te+maken.+Neem+een+plastiekhandschoen+en+vul+deze+met+gips.+laat+drogen!+verwijder+de+handschoen+en+je+kan+beginnen+schilderen.

This Is Not Paper, But. - Plaster Hands Project For Kids - by Krokotak Mãos De Gesso == A really nice weekend project for parents and kids make together. Visit Krokotak website to learn how to make these funny and colorful Plaster Hands.

Cute for the kids

Fingerprint Drawing Book, try making your own characters. No ones finger print is ever the same, a unique piece of art project for the kid in you.


Make one of these cool hand patterns. 27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work

Button tree

Simply Designing with Ashley: Kids Craft: Button Art Will be making this button tree with Arianna once she's a bit older. Can't wait for craft projects with her. If you love arts and crafts you really will love our website!

creatief knutselen activiteit

Rainbow Bubble Snakes kids rainbow activities kids activities kids activities and ideas