Funky Photograph
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a dog dressed up as a man in jeans and an orange shirt is standing on the floor
We will we will rock you. yo yo
a dog dressed up like a banana wearing a sweater
Want to eat.
a pug dog wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants holding an orange ball in its mouth
404 - 崇真艺客 - 开启你的文艺圈
a dog dressed up as a wizard on a leash and standing next to a woman
four dogs dressed up in costumes sitting on a yellow and black checkered rug with the caption,'if you're going put your dogs in costume, it comes, don't
there is a dog that has its head in the air
Soooooo cute.
a small dog running across a tiled floor
two puppies are laying down on a bed together, one is blue and the other is brown
Baby Bull Terrier
two dogs playing with each other on the floor
Not afraid of power.
a black and white photo of a dog playing with a toy
Fight! Fight! Fight!
a brown and black dog sitting on top of a white floor
The sturdy Airedale is the largest of all terriers. Males stand about 23 inches at the shoulder; females are a bit smaller. The wire coat is tan with dark markings.
a dog with long blonde hair is looking at the camera
​Since ancient times, Afghan Hounds have been famous for their elegant beauty. But the thick, flowing coat that is the breed’s crowning glory isn’t just for show—it served as protection from the harsh climate in mountainous regions where Afghans originally earned their keep.
a black dog is sitting down with its head turned to the side and it's eyes wide open
Affenpinscher The Affenpinscher’s apish look has been described many ways. They’ve been called “monkey dogs” and “ape terriers.” The