3 TV station you had to get up to change, No video games, A corded Phone w/ rotary dialing & so much more.

These had pins at the back so you could attach to your clothing or a cushion :)

These cute favors feature tiny multicolored bears with red bow ties and flocked fur. These cute bear flocked favors are a fun addition for your upcoming Baby Shower.

Tales From the Crypt (TV show). I watched this very late at night when reruns were on Fox. Fell in love with the Cryptkeeper cuz I'm weird. Watched this a couple years ago and wondered exactly why I couldn't predict every ending when I was 10.

The Cryptkeeper.- yes, I use to watch Tales From the crypt. I liked scary stuff as a child.

l'Oreal 1983 Mousse -- How I kept my hair somewhat under control.

Haha, I remember nicking my sister's mousse cos I couldn't afford the good stuff!

this still scares me to this's like sharks in the pool or toilet snakes- some things you never outgrow.


Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Botersnoepjes )

Iron Meowden                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Iron Meowden

Funny pictures about Metal Cat: Iron Meowden. Oh, and cool pics about Metal Cat: Iron Meowden. Also, Metal Cat: Iron Meowden photos.

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Advertisement Figure Flipje from Tiel Holland, representing Jams and fruit sauces.

Noortje, door Jan Steeman en Patty Klein (jaren 90)

Noortje, door Jan Steeman en Patty Klein (jaren 90)

Telefoon met draaischijf. Volgens mij gedurende heel mijn jeugd

Telefoon met draaischijf. Volgens mij gedurende heel mijn jeugd

Cassette recorder, je kon je stem opnemen en als je terug luisterde dacht je ben ik dat?

Tape recorder you could tape yourself singing then listen to how horrible it sounded and laugh your ass off

Uren spelen totdat het echt te vies was

Slappy hands - yes! Used too leave slappy hand prints all over the walls and ceiling!

Klik polsbandjes!

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