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the back view of a woman's bra with adjustable straps
Swedish Posture | Posture, ergonomics, pain relief & home exercise
an aerial view of several buildings next to a body of water with mountains in the background
20 Perfect One Week European Itineraries • The Overseas Escape
Thinking about going to Europe but haven’t a clue as to where to start? Considering gastronomy, scenery, culture, ease of transit and loads of other factors here are 20 amazing 1 week itineraries for seeing the best of Europe! Pair them …
a long wooden boat floating on top of a lake next to mountains and trees in the background
Enchanting Italian Lake Engagement
Lake Braies ~ is a lake in the Prags Dolomites Mountains in South Tyrol, Italy Photography:Sandra Åberg
trees with yellow leaves are lined up along the path to an open area that is covered in grass
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Georgengarten Hannover ,Germany
a large body of water sitting on the side of a cliff
lake hanging over sea, island Vagar, Faroe islands, Denmark
an arched walkway leads to the water and trees on both sides, along with railings
Varenna by Roberto Roberti / 500px
Lago di Lecco, Italy
a bench sitting on the side of a lake next to flowers
Lake Como - Varenna - Villa Monastero
an alley way with stairs leading up to the water and buildings on both sides,
Varenna, Italy - this pic reminds me of Europe so much! I miss you Europe!!!
a group of people standing in front of a church
Catholic Wedding on Lake Como, Church of Varenna
catholic church, Varena, Lake Como
the sun shines brightly over water and mountains
This is absolutely fascinating. A place where our soul can stand peaceful joining the most beautiful things of the world. This picture was taken on the lake of Como, at Perledo, in a winter afternoon.
a stone bench sitting on the side of a hill next to trees and water with mountains in the background
Varenna, Lago di Como
Veduta dal Castello di Vezio, comune di Perledo, Lago di Como
an old castle on top of a hill surrounded by trees
Itinerari di architettura a Milano - MilanoArte
Vezio Castle in Perledo (Lc) on Lake Como.
a watercolor painting of houses on a hill with clouds in the sky behind them
Travel Inspired Art at Dana Tillou Fine Arts
Perledo, Lake Como by Carol Siracuse
the sun shines through clouds over a mountain range and body of water in front of it
Lake Como from Perledo - Italy / photo by Fiorelisa
there is a street sign on the side of the road that says perpetello
Perledo, Lecco, Lombardy, Italy