Meloen met ham

Proscuitto, Melon, Rosemary Skewers - Perfect appetizers for a garden party! Just make sure not to let the melon sit out for too long.

Risolles: Indonesische gepaneerde loempia's met een vulling van vleesragout

World Recipes: Risolles: Indonesian breaded egg rolls stuffed with meat ragout -mpPIYmQSk0U VHylzwQjp8I AAAAAAAAlPc dmR527WL1Ns s1600 85ddf7101f1e92dc43e1c2accdffd59c.jpg

Cheese, fruit and meat platter. It’s always nice to have an assortment of cheeses on your platter. Consider things like soft, hard, fresh and aged varieties for your g.

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