Ladybug snacks. Galletitas Rex, tomate cherry, aceituna y.. con que hago los puntitos? Cokies, cherry tomatoe, black olive and how 'd I do the dots?

Ladybug Appetizers

Ladybug Appetizer –wings quartered cherry tomatoes-head ½ black olive-black paste color and cream cheese oz cream ½” chive stems- Spread cream cheese and garlic powder on ritz crackers

Bunny in a Cup Recipe. Instant Vanilla Pudding, Oval Vanilla Sandwich Cookies, Black Licorice, Green Jelly Beans, Pink Jelly Beans.

Bunny in a Cup

Bunny in a Cup. A cup of pudding + store bought sweets = a cute bunny the kids will love to make & eat!

poffertjes with strawberries and cream

bite size - mini pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream skewers! a little maple syrup to dip and you are good to go. how fun are these. bite size - mini pancakes with.

hotdog pops

Love this idea for kids party food. Spiral-Wrapped Sausages on a Stick: fun party food; kids would love! (can easily substitute hotdogs instead of sausage if you prefer)

Adorable and easy way to serve some scrambled eggs!

Scrambled egg and bacon "bunnies." Cute Easter brunch idea for kids From: Worth Pinning, please visit

Fruit cones!

Fruit in waffle cones- GREAT idea.I LOVE waffle cones but the fruit is a great alternative to satisfying my like of waffle cones with ice cream :)