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Dutch GP, 1958. Stirling Moss, Vanwall VW5.

Moss in the Dutch GP winning Shot shows extreme attention to aero for the day by Frank Costin. Borranis’ at front Moss’ preference for driver feel but cast alloy wheels adopted in 1958 to save weight. This Vanwall, wi

all or nothing... holding something back might as well be lying

all or nothing. holding something back might as well be lying Half truth is no better than not lie on Libra.otherwise you will lose their trust completely.

ℓιвяα ♎️ awwwwww a tear

Someone (and it is not cs) means the world to me to make them happy I would take a bullet on the head

Oh yeah. I just lost a friend cuz we got into a huge fight and she just wouldn't get over it like I hate people who hold grudges

This is a very accurate description of me. I devote myself to family especially and when they take that for granted it does permanent damage to what was a beautiful relationship. But just how it is.