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People who know me still tell me I talk too quietly... I think I need to fix this... Then you will all wish you never questioned my loudness...

This is so true! My bff, Kalee, everyone calls her quiet. But the only reason she doesnt talk to them is because she doesnt like them.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees | 20 + DIY Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. This Christmas, dont settle for store-bought gifts, but make your own instead, let your gifts stand out from everybody elses. To give you some inspiration, we brought you 12 of the best ideas for home

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CartoonStock - Although adept at a great many other games, Muriel never quite got the hang of playing 'north' when invited over for bridge.

Duplicate Bridge Perfect Game For Mentally Steady Postage #duplicatebridge #bridgegame #fourcardsuits #cardsuits #theperfectgame #mentallysteady #wordsandunwords Here's a stamp for any duplicate bridge player with the four card suits along with the following saying: "Duplicate Bridge The Perfect Game For The Mentally Steady".

Exercise Your Mind Play Bridge (Four Card Suits) Postage Here's some sound bridge advice for any bridge player on this stamp: "Exercise Your Mind Play Bridge".

If Bridge Is Just A Game Grand Canyon Four Cards Standard Cocktail Napkin #ifbridgeisjustagame #fourcardsuits #bridgegame #bridgehumor #bridgesaying #duplicatebridge #wordsandunwords #bridgeattitude Make others do a double-take at your next bridge event with these customizable paper napkins featuring the four card suits along with the following bridge saying: 'If Bridge Is Just A Game Then The Grand Canyon Is Just A Hole In Arizona".

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