A Concert for the Moon

Follow the making off a picture book! Together with Pat Rubadeau, from Ann Arbor, I'm working on a story about a little town, a concert, and a thief.
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Here you see a board with three drawings in the back of the car. I've been working on them everywhere. In the car waiting for Sahar to finish work at the Opera company, in nature during walks. One day I was sitting painting them at the beatiful squares around the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, when a 93 year old man stops to talk to me, pushed by his granddaughter i a wheelchair. He originally came from Eastern Europe and used to be a photographer. In his old slow manner he philosofised…

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The Moon in a Hottub

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This lady with her horse dress, playing flute; the hat, the hair....she adds character to the story.

Adding shade and texture to the instruments and their players. I love round and cur vy shapes.

If you work with ballpoint make sure to wipe off the point every now and then, or you will get staines. Staines can make a drawing more natural, but a mistake because of sloppy work is different.

My girlfriend is a musician and I get to hear a lot of orchestra. Of course this inspiration is shaping the story.

Time for a cup of my favorite tea.

My working space.

To color the illustration I tape it to a wooden board. Other wise the paint will make the paper rinkle.

Of course every illustrator has his or her own style, but I just color within the lines.

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