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GIF Exercise

Restaurant Menu / Sergey Valiukh

GIF for Restaurant Menu

Greetings from Ukraine! We are alive and ready to work as never before ;) Every day here at Tubik Studio we deal with big companies, start-ups and individuals which gives us the possibillity to wor. by Sergey Valiukh

Although I question if it’s a good design decision to hide all other songs when one’s playing, I think the transition is quite slick. All elements are very quickly animated. First transitions and slide-outs, then slide-ins of new elements. It’s very difficult to see exactly what’s happening, but the quick transition does just enough to let your brain fill in the rest.

Music Player Transition

Great login screen

Authorization Error

animated doughnut

Filling the screen area with a solid white color which value makes up the percentage is an expression controlled by a simple slider fx. The goal was to end up with simple, lite and nice donut chart.

ToFind - Transition Test

ToFind - Transition Test

Mobile Design Inspiration - ToFind - Transition Test by Leo Leung — The Best.

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Zprávy provides an always up-to-date stream of news in form of a magazine, directly from the Czech Press Agency. This is actual screen capture of a real app tha.