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Rob Dekkers
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Rob Dekkers

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Outdoor Lighting Making a Feature of a Textured Wall ....

30 Serene Outdoor Living Spaces

Amazing outdoor space- Pergola with fireplace and water. Rustic, rather than jungle, themed though. And add a ceiling fan! Perfect :)

Tree Bungalow in Bali

roof garden by mabarchitects , via Behance

Front or back raised flowerbeds so when they overflow with rain water it drains! Let the water sing.

Carmel Residence / Dirk Denison Architects

i want to sit here when it's raining or snowing and watch it come down

Recycled Rustic Timber and Iron Pergola

Meet Vinny Fazzino

Meet the expert behind these gorgeous living walls

Gallery of Living Walls - Habitat Horticulture. How cool is this! NB&T can make plant labels for your living walls.