a jellem köntöse: csak festett koporsó. - Lucy Mirai [lüszi] Plurkön on we heart it / visual bookmark #46543192

Food trees - guide with pictures for creating beautiful and cute trees from fruit and vegetables. Can be Christmas, can be just a party food tree

Kerstboom van worstjes. Leuk voor een verjaardag in december of voor kerst

All you need is a styrofoam cone, foil, toothpicks, and Lit’l Smokies® to make the most delicious weiner tree ever!

leuke traktatie of voor kerstdiner school

Candy cane marshmallows for hot cocoa. Stick a vegan candy cane into large vegan marshmallow. Dip marshmallow in melted chocolate. Roll into crushed vegan candy cane. Place on a waxed paper lined baking sheet and allow to set.

The Other Side of Fifty: Tortilla Roll-up Christmas Tree

Tortilla Roll Up Christmas Tree.probably nix the christmas tree idea but tortilla roll up things is an idea

Kerstboom op een stokje, ook leuk voor kerstdiner. Christmas tree

Appeltjes en Peren likes: how to make a x-mastree on a stick for your kids lunchbox idea xmas for bento on www.

If you are after a savoury festive dish you can’t go past these frankfurts in pastry recipe to jazz up your party table. Find more on Kidspot New Zealand.

Mini hotdog Christmas wreath recipe great, quick idea for bring to kids parties (clubs, church etc)