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a tall white tower sitting next to a lush green field
Zendmast (Smilde)
a sailboat tied up to the dock
Zeilboot sailingboat Zuidlaardermeer(De Bloemert)
a white bridge crossing over a river next to tall grass and trees with houses in the background
Brug Bridge (Assen)
a body of water surrounded by dry grass and tall brown grasses with trees in the background
Drentse meertjes (vennen)
the sun is setting over some water
Sunset Zonsondergang (Paterswoldsemeer)
several flags are flying in the wind outside
Scandinavisch dorp Scandinavian Village (Paterswoldsemeer)
Vogelobservatie Birdwatch (Zuidlaardermeer)
Vogelobservatie Birdwatch (Zuidlaardermeer)
a brick wall with a sign that says brink on it
Brink (Assen)
several bicycles are parked in front of a sign that says welcome to bij tuinland
Tuinland Gardenland (Assen)
a large white house sitting in the middle of a snow covered field
House in Park (Assen)
leaves on the ground with water running down them and brown, yellow and green leaves
Herfstbladeren Autumnleaves
two red mushrooms sitting on top of leaves in the grass next to some brown leaves
Paddestoelen Mushrooms
sunflowers are arranged in a bunch on the ground near other flowers and leaves
Bloemen Flowers (Sunflowers)
a painting of a bridge over a body of water with trees in the foreground
Kunst Art (Drentsschildergenootschap)
a bee sitting on top of a yellow flower
Kunst Art (Drentsschildersgenootschap)