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How a third of us believe a guardian angel is watching over us

As many people admitted to researchers that they believe in angels, one in 20 said they have actually seen or heard one.

The Bizarrely Beautiful World of Relics in Religious History

One of the more controversial aspects of many religions is a history of preserving "relics," or pieces taken from the bodies of saints. Here are some of the most unusual examples of these macabre objects of veneration.

Birth, Your Story.

I have followed the cycles of the moon for many years now and feel a strong connection to the moon, my cycle, my moods, my whole life really! Today is a new moon which means it is not visible to us…

Our Morning Offering – 2 June – Everyday of my life belongs to You

Our Morning Offering – 2 June – “Month of the Sacred Heart” – Tuesday of the Ninth week in Ordinary Time, Year A Morning Offering to the Sacred Heart (Treasury of the Sacred…

The Visitation

On so many levels, The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth speaks - I would even say it sings - to my life as a cloistered heart. Mary visited Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56) because she had BEEN Visited by God. She did not go to Elizabeth alone - she went with the Presence of Christ inside her. As one living "cloistered for Jesus" in the midst of the world, I carry Christ inside me as well. Oh, not in the same unique way, certainly. But according to Scripture and Church teaching, I indeed carry Him…