birds project for ceramic sculpture class by rachel reitan at S.P.A.R.C.

Asymmetrical Balance: visual balance achieved by dissimilar visual units; for example, two or three small shapes on the right balancing one larger shape on the left.

γλυπτά φιγούρες τοίχος Figure Sculpture | Anastasaki Ceramics

ceramic chubbies naked ceramic sculpture handmade plus size nude woman ceramic sculpture made in greece

panda van klein of marsepijn

Fondant Cake Toppers #4: Panda Bear

Features: -Material: Polyresin. Product Type: -Figurine. Style: -Traditional. Theme: -Fantasy. Subject: -Angels and fairies. Finish: -Sand. Primary Material: -Resin. Age Group: -Adult. Dimensi

10039694 DESERT ANGEL FIGURINE Appearing to rise from the windblown desert sand, a gentle angel folds her arms and cups her wings in reverent prayer. An earthy spiritual decoration to display with pride! pounds x x POLYRESIN Thank-you

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