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two white sculptures sitting next to each other
ENSAMBLES 1966T: octubre 2014
a sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with white walls and black flooring
Thomas Houseago - Artist
a white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden stool
Johan Tahon, artist
a white sculpture sitting on top of a cement floor
you have been here sometime
a black and white photo of a baby wrapped in a flowered blanket on a dark background
μέσα στη μήτρα
μέσα στη μήτρα – dreaming-creating
a group of men standing in front of a wire sculpture with words written on it
lisa kokin: paper circle
a white vase with black lines painted on it's face and bottom, sitting on a table
Gordon Baldwin
snow flakes are seen in this close up photo
結合科學與藝術的3D藝術作品 - 3D Printing Lab
結合科學與藝術的3D藝術作品 - 3D Printing Lab
a sculpture of a black bird sitting on top of a tree branch
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a bird that is laying down on the ground with its feathers and other things in it's body
Recyclekunst: laat je niet flessen
a piece of cloth with an orange and green design on the front, black background
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an abstract painting with birds and flowers on it
Tim Biskup Painting Available
Here is a better image of Tim Biskup’s painting A Volery of Birds 18” x 17.75” without the frame. gouache on wood $5000
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Restrospective Fashion and Design
jacquelinegroag - Google Search