The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card | Easy Valentines Cards for Kids to Make

18 Amazing DIY Valentines Cards

From ‘Pixelated Popup Cards’ to ‘Mini Love Notes’ here’s 18 easy to make Valentines Cards you can make for your loved ones, family and friends. Theres even a fe

Knip vormen uit verschillende kleuren papier en maak er een mooie collage of kunstwerk van!

Art for Kids: Fun with Matisse - Playful Learning Lovely exploration of Matisse for artists young and old.

op een stuk stevig karton met iets dikkere wol een figuur lijmen. Aluminiumfolie er voorzichtig overheen wrijven. Daarna met permanente stiften inkleuren.

Aluminum foil with sharpie markers looks great! My version of the aluminum foil glued over yarn colored with Sharpie marker composition

Fun Easter Bunny Craft Template Teaching Resource – Teach Starter

Teaching Resource: A fun Easter craft activity using an Easter bunny with funky glasses.

karton, touw, zilverpapier en stiften= makkelijk en mooi

DIY Cereal Box, Tin Foil and Yarn Art. it’s easy, but you have to use permanent markers. Because you can so easily emboss tinfoil, this could be a really interesting project. Tutorial from piikea street here.

Tired of kid crafts? Introduce them to the arts! Check out this inspiration!

Skip the precut foam stickers and let your kids unleash their creativity! Make art not crafts for kids and stimulate their creative side!

Handprint doodle art

Handprint doodle art

Create handprint doodle art by tracing the outline of your hand and decorating with patterns. This can be a soothing and relaxing art activity for all ages


With a partner students could stand in different positions and trace each other's shadows. elements of art: color, shape and space. Also a good science lesson to teach how the earth rotates in relation to the sun.

Papier maken: Van oud papier kun je zelf nieuw papier maken. Scheuren, weken en drogen: je zelfgemaakte papier is klaar!

Schooltv: Zelf papier maken - Duizend stukjes papier

tutorial video in Dutch (schooltv)

Een dier maken, geïnspireerd op Mexicaans papierkunst

A great lesson that teaches Mexican and South American cultures: marker and paper Mola art project.

De vadersdagkrant speciaal voor de allerbeste vader

De vadersdagkrant speciaal voor de allerbeste vader