Early dew kleur muur (via eeflillemor op instagram)

Nice color pattern in the bedroom. Early dew color on the wall combined with black and white blankets

Flexa muurverf Early Dew

Flexa muurverf Early Dew

Pastel, lente kleuren in huis | Maison Belle

Aged wood, mixed grays and muted pastels, soothing harmony

Styling: Mliees

Styling: fonQ.nl (marlieshuisman.nl)

Sidetable Two tone. Scandinavian and Nordic

Tips for making the home more inviting.. (even though it's written for those looking to sell, I still think the ideas are great for new homeowners looking to add curb appeal)

Sparkly snowball lights on a vintage ladder.

early dew flexa - Recherche Google

early dew flexa - Recherche Google