Desiree Meijer

Desiree Meijer

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Droom slaapkamer

Slave Bracelet Bronze Chain White Natural door SlaveBraceletAndMore, $23.00

Bohemian Dreamcatcher Slave Bracelet Boho by PurpleFinchStore. $24.99 USD, via Etsy.

Bohemian - love everything about this bedroom

Boho hair accessory.

Slave Bracelet Boho Hand Bracelet Bohemian by BeUniqueJewellery, £11.63

yuppers! me in a nutshell

Watercolor on book pages -- As strange as this seems for someone like me who isn't necessarily artistically gifted in this way, I really like the idea of doing this. Would be really easy to find a random book at Goodwill on the cheap and use it like a "practice" art journal.