Dette Arink
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Breaded Escalope's touch-responsive clock tells the time with shadows

Shadowplay Clock by Breaded Escalope ; Vienna design collective Breaded Escalope has created a clock that uses shadows to display the time when a finger is placed within its face (+ movie).

Adam Martinakis Digital Art (7)

Dramatic setting to illustrate features (projection installation to show welcome lighting or avoiding accidents.) Adam Martinakis Digital Art projection and shadow play -Ashley

clock clock white

The Clock Clock from Humans Since 1982 is a digital clock comprising a bank of 24 analog clocks working in tandem to display the time.

This #prototype #clock tells time in a straight line with a pivoting shell-like structure.

Linear Cycle clock by BCXSY (Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto). This clock tells the time in a straight line by replacing the hands with a pivoting shell-like structure.