Picture grouping ideas

frame layout ideas with measurements for a gallery wall

prikbord steigerhout

Great idea for a vision board! Use scraps of wood to create the board and stick pictures, notes, ideas, etc. Rather than gluing stuff to a poster board, this would be a more changeable board!

Je foto’s op hout | Meer tips en tricks: http://www.jouwwoonidee.nl/foto-op-hout/

je foto’s op hout.

trap met fotolijstjes

How to Make a Photo Display or Gallery in Stairway : Ideas and Inspiration!

It is a great idea if you have a stairway or long hallway. I have one whole wall of pictures of my family in my livingroom like this above the piano. Dream Home,For the Home,Home Sweet Home,There's No Place

I'll have to do a template like this before I line my stairwell with photos

Photo Wall

Put your frame shape on the wall with brown paper BEFORE you try to hang everything. makes for less unwanted holes in the wall!

Fotowand voor in de hal, steigerhouten bord met daarop een verzameling van allerlei fotolijstjes...

Photo wall in the hall, pier wooden sign with a collection of various picture frames .

Black and white family photo wall ~Luv this idea with the names.I need to do something like this for a family wall.

Misschien iets voor in de keuken en dan de kaartenrekjes daarop vastzetten. Dan is er ook nog ruimte voor andere frutsels.

Bord in de hal

frame arrangement

Family Photo Wall Display: Photo Display Ideas for Stairways

Steigerhout kader om kaartjes, foto's, ... op te hangen

Livingroom or else.